Tap It! 1.4

Source:Sean Brakefield

Tap it! Pull it! Twist it! Shake it!

This is a fast-paced reaction game which utilizes your phone’s accelerometer as it prompts you with different commands. See how many points you can rack up before you mess up. It's all about speed. The faster your reaction time, the more likely you are to get into Shake It! Mode, and afterward, fish for bonuses. This is an excellent game for all ages, kids and adults, or just to show off how awesome your phone is. Enjoy!

This is the full version. It also includes:
-Integration with OpenFeint
-Global Leaderboards
-Unlockable Achievements
-See if you can steal the top spot from the dev!
-NEW! Play over Bluetooth with a friend.

* The sensitivity can be controlled in the game's Settings. If you are having difficulty with Twist It, try increasing the sensitivity.

Keywords: bop it, openfeint, accelerometer, shake, tap, twist, sensor, move, kid games, fun, fast, funny voice.

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